Nature deficit disorder – the modern plague?


Reading this article today made me wonder how much time I and my family spend outside.

Technology is important and I’m a great advocate for it improving our lives and making them ‘work’ as busy Mums, but it shouldn’t be at the exclusion of all else.

I suspect I’ll be surprised (and horrified) how little time we spend in the great outdoors so this week I’ll measure it.

Yes, another chart for the fridge.  I’ll let you know next Sunday.


6 thoughts on “Nature deficit disorder – the modern plague?

  1. Hello new blogger (but old social media soul – just read your ‘about’ page!). Getting the kids into the great outdoors as often as possible was one of the main reasons we moved near the bush. It’s wonderful here! I’ll be back to check how you guys go. x

    • I’m so jealous – sounds gorgeous. It’s been an eye opener for sure! We’re right in the foothills with some great parks and bushland on our doorstep but it’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day and just forget to go outside!

  2. I grew up in the world of weekend picnics. We went with my immediate family and other times our extended family. When my kids were growing up we shared this treat activity with them. It’s funny because now they are grown up my husband and I do this so much less often. We still go ‘out’ but we seem to choose to go ‘in’ as in cafes, restaurants galleries etc. I think I must make a conscious effort to relive this with my husband. Thanks for the giving me a ‘push’ 🙂

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