The Powell Pack: Transforming Lives, One Instagram at a Time

A great post about how you can use social media to build loyalty, develop trust, demonstrate authenticity and deepen relationships with your audience and customers

ISYS6621: Social Media and Digital Business

“One person, one year, one amazing transformation. My name is Chris Powell and this is what I do. PUSH, I WANT TO SEE YOU PUSH YOURSELF. GET UP OFF THE GROUND AND KEEP GOING. THREE, TWO, ONE, GO. TIME TO WAKE UP, TIME TO START LIVING. What you’re about to see will be the most important year in one person’s life.”

Every Tuesday during the summer, I have a perfect routine. I work during the day, go to CrossFit at 6:30, eat dinner with my parents and my sister at 7:30, then rush to turn on the television at 8:00.  I tune in to ABC and as soon as I hear those words, I can’t look away. Extreme Weight Loss, formerly called Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, is a show where morbidly obese people are given the chance to receive lifestyle training from Chris Powell, an expert…

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Social media and the end of gender – a TED talk

I absolutely love this TED talk presented at TEDWomen a few years ago now…especially this quote: “If social media is dominating old media and women are dominating social media does that mean that women will take over global media?”

This video is 8 minutes 28 seconds long. Go and make yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy.

The great outdoor experiment

It’s just over a week since I started tracking how much time I and my family spent outside. It’s been interesting to say the least. Just the process of tracking it made me spend more time outdoors. It was lovely to see this experiment resonated with others too after I read this article and wrote about it last week.

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