My first tweet

When I first set up my personal Twitter profile in 2008 (with a 1 year old who *never* slept) I honestly had no idea what it was or how I could use it – my colleagues on the other side of the world persuaded me to sign up (as I did with Facebook, MySpace and countless others I’ve long forgotten).

You only need to look back at my first tweet “Updated” which was posted at 4:21am in a baffled and slightly frustrated response to the multiple text messages I was receiving all hours of the night from Twitter telling me to update my friends so they could know what I was doing.

Pretty dreadful (maybe not the most embarrasing first tweet ever or anywhere as amusing as Phil Jackson’s typo-ridden first tweet), but as I say, I had no idea why anyone would want to know what I was doing right then and there.

Phil Jackson First Tweet

Thank God I finally spent some time on Twitter (and many others did too) and realised what an amazing platform it was and Twitter stopped asking its users, “What are you doing?” but now introduces itself with:

Welcome to Twitter.

Find out what’s happening, right now, with the people and organizations you care about.

Looking at these first tweets from the cream of the tech crop, (I have a feeling Sheryl Sandberg might have posted her first tweet when her kids were little too) I don’t feel quite so bad.

Is your first tweet anywhere as remotely cringeworthy as mine? Have a look back and please share in the comments below.